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Louisiana’s Expanding Energy Sector

Reducing emissions and creating jobs

Louisiana’s global energy leadership is rooted in our natural resources, logistical advantages, skilled workforce, all-of-the-above sector strategy and groundbreaking Climate Action Plan.

for the Future

Louisiana’s energy industry continues to support jobs and attract private investment

By supporting oil and gas interests while exploring hydrogen, solar, wind, alternative fuels, electric vehicle battery and CO2 reduction opportunities, Louisiana is seeing a major economic boost that is employing thousands and attracting billions of dollars in private investment.

Energy Diversity



Energy Transition Capital Investment



New Jobs
from Energy Transition Projects


miles of pipeline


LNG export facilities

An emerging hydrogen hub

Global hydrogen production is set to quadruple by 2030. Louisiana is preparing for the surge, establishing state and federal partnerships, upskilling members of a well-established energy workforce, and training future researchers and engineers.

Hydrogen Investment
Halo Hub

Powering Louisiana’s
Energy Workforce

As a legacy producer and service provider to the energy industry, Louisiana offers tremendous intellectual capital that can be leveraged to manufacture critical components, develop technology or optimize service operations critical to all energy industries.

LED FastStart, Louisiana’s nation-leading workforce training program, is crucial to the state’s energy transition, developing new skilled talent and training the sizable energy workforce that currently exists. Importantly, doing so betters the state’s ability to diversify its economy while improving education, training, and job opportunities.

Workforce & Education

“In Louisiana, we have the natural resources, the ingenuity, the geology, the people and the infrastructure to transform the power industry as we know it.”

- Bill Fontenot, Cleco President and CEO

Transportation Infrastructure

Louisiana offers
unmatched advantages

Louisiana’s extensive port system, proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, and central location in the southern U.S. combine with an integrated network of railroads, interstates and pipelines to provide unparalleled access to U.S. and global markets.

Superior Logistics

Transportation Infrastructure