Geography and Logistics

  • Louisiana’s extensive network of pipelines, waterways and railroads offer easy and cost-effective solutions to move large and heavy components such as reactor vessels, generators and fuel assemblies.
  • The state’s climate reduces operating costs, providing large amounts of warmer, more efficient water for cooling.

Louisiana’s two nuclear power plants are currently the largest source of carbon-free power in Louisiana.

Economic Impact



in state & local taxes


louisiana residents employed


homes powered


of state's net power generation

Research, Development and Innovation

Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University houses a variety of nuclear research facilities and equipment, offering a hub for students and industry professionals seeking career development. Research takes place in fields such as nuclear physics, nuclear chemistry, radiation biology and nuclear engineering. Some specific research includes nuclear reactions, radiation detection and the investigation of radiation effects on biological systems.

University of New Orleans

Scientists at the University of New Orleans research radiation detection and measurement systems with a focus on developing more efficient and accurate technologies for power plants.