Geography and Logistics

  • Louisiana offers abundant agricultural resources and a favorable climate for growing feedstock crops. Byproducts from the state’s corn, sugarcane and soybeans are used to create renewable fuel. 
  • The state’s wood biomass facilities are capable of producing 1.3 million tons of biomass wood pellets per year, representing 10% of pellet production in the U.S.
  • Louisiana’s multiple ports offer a gateway to international commerce hubs. Wood pellets from Louisiana are currently shipped to the United Kingdom. Watch this video explainer to see exactly how it works.

The 1.3 million tons of biomass wood pellets annually produced in Louisiana account for 10% of all pellet production in the U.S.

Economic impact



in state and local taxes each year


Total U.S. Wood Pellet Production

Sector Support

  • The state’s timber industry provides a reliable supply of wood feedstocks, such as logging residues, sawdust and wood chips, which can be used as biomass fuel or raw materials for biomass products.
  • The biomass sector in Louisiana provides a market incentive to clear brush and dead trees that otherwise have little or no value.
  • Manufacturers, colleges/universities, municipalities, hotels, resorts, sports venues, hospitals and correctional facilities, produce waste feedstock that can be converted to electricity.

Private Investments


A leading global producer of sustainable biomass products and electricity generation has a corporate headquarters in Monroe and three operations facilities focused on the production and supply of wood pellets. The company also manages a logistics and shipping center at the Port of Baton Rouge.

Grön Fuels

$9.2 billion renewable fuels complex will produce 73,000 barrels per day of alternative fuels like sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel from soybean oil, corn oil and animal fats. Over 1,000 permanent jobs are expected and another 4,560 new indirect jobs will result from the project.

Delta Biofuels

Planned production facility would produce biomass fuel pellets made from residual sugarcane fiber, known as bagasse, and create nearly 300 jobs.

Arbor Renewable Gas

Operating as Magnolia Renewable Fuels LLC, planned $800 million facility would produce renewable gasoline from wood waste biomass sourced from Louisiana timber. The project will utilize carbon emission reduction technology.