Geography and Logistics

  • The state offers favorable geology for CO2 injection and storage with confining layers of shale and clay, minimal seismic activity and deep layers of sand.
  • A leading pipeline state, Louisiana’s existing network of nearly 50,000 miles of integrated pipelines crisscross every major highway, railroad and navigable waterway in the state. Some of the state’s pipeline system is already transporting CO2 to and from other states.

Economic Impact



in private investments has been announced for Louisiana.


jobs for Louisiana residents

Sector Support

  • The implementation of CCS technology can help companies comply with regulations, therefore eliminating fines and making it a cost-effective solution for many businesses. 
  • Louisiana’s manufacturing industry is capable of end-to-end construction and has proven experience with advanced industrial applications.

Private Investments

Air Products

Laying the groundwork for its $4.5 billion hydrogen energy complex in Ascension Parish that will create over 400 new jobs. The company plans to capture and sequester 95 percent of the process facility’s CO2 emissions.

CF Industries, EnLink, ExxonMobil

CF Industries will capture up to 2.2 million tons of CO2 per year, which will be moved through EnLink pipelines to ExxonMobil’s 125,000-acre underground storage facility in Vermillion Parish. It is the largest-of-its-kind commercial agreement to date for industrial-scale carbon capture and sequestration in Louisiana.

Workforce and Higher Ed

In 2022, LSU’s Craft & Hawkins Department of Petroleum Engineering became the first in the country to offer a formal concentration in carbon capture, utilization and storage.

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